Reissue question for petites??

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  1. Hi to all! I have a question to ask about the reissue since I don't know much about it. I am 4'10" and want to get a reissue as my next bag.

    Could anyone recommend me the size for my height? I spoke to an SA awhile back and they said about size 255, 226 and 227. However, I am not sure what they are talking about and also what size that would be. Can anyone tell me what are these size? Also, is it a long wait list for the reissue?

    I love black bag so I am thinking of black with ghw.

    Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Those two should provide you with photos and dimensions of the bags.

    I'd say a 227 might be a tad large for you. The 226 might be just right, if you intend to use the bag day/night. If only for night, you could go with 225. :smile:
  3. I just got the 227 in distressed calfskin Black with GHW. 227 is currently the largest size for Reissues. It is about the size of the Classic Flap Jumbo. I measured my bag and it is 12 inches by 7 inches by 3.5 inches. I don't know why Chanel's official dimensions are bigger, but the dimensions I am giving you are based on the measurements of my 227.

    I'm 5' 1", and it looks fine on me. It's going to be a casual day bag for me, and I need and I am used to larger bags for day-time use. If you prefer smaller bags, the 226 is probably the best. It seems that the 225 is not so easy to find. You can find the official dimensions on Chanel's website.

    The waitlist varies from store to store, and the waiting time really depends on when you are looking for it and when the shipments arrive.

  4. Thank you very much Tutu!

  5. Thank you very much Valentine! I like big bag but I know that the classic jumbo was too big for me. When I tried it on, it seems like the bag is wearing me instead of me wearing the bag. I plan to use it for day and night. I am currently using my GST and medallion tote as my go to work bag.

    I am planning to get the bag at the end of the year since hubby recently bought me a boy as an early push present and I just spent a little amount buying the cc crave for my older sister as a birthday gift. So can't justify buying another bag within the next month or so.
  6. You are welcome. If the classic jumbo is too big for you, then 227 is a definite no-go for you. Looking at the "Pre-fall Bags" thread, it looks like Chanel is releasing four sizes for pre-fall based on the pricing.

    This is the info. from the "Pre-fall Bags" thread:

    Pre-Fall 2014 ( Saks list)

    $4200: Black Metallic Calf/ Ruthenium
    $4400: Black Metallic Calf/ Ruthenium
    $4900: Black Calf/ Ruthenium
    Black Caviar/ Ruthenium
    $5300: Black Caviar/ Ruthenium

    I know that...
    $4200 = size 224
    $4400 = size 225
    $4900 = size 226
    $5300 = size 227

    I think it's best that you go to the store in person to try out the sizes before you decide on which size to get, and also see the interior capacity of the bag. Make sure the size you like visually can fit the stuff you want to carry in it for the purposes you want to use it for.

    I think distressed Calfskin Black with GHW is in the permanent collection, so it should be all year round available. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
    But the wait time depends on the length of the waitlist at the store you want to buy from.
  7. You might like to try the 224 size - which is similar in dimensions to a mini but has all the pockets and compartments of its larger sisters. Cute and compact and can be used for casual day and evening bag.
  8. I think you should look into the 225 and 226 sizes. I'm taller than you and skinny and love both these sizes and I think they would work well for you too. The 226 is roomy but does not look bulky when worn and is lighter than a double flap jumbo. The 225 is cute but not too small in terms of capacity and I think for your frame, it may translate better as a day to evening bag. I use the 225 and 226s as my casual day bags but they would fit right in if I need to use them in the evenings as well. Good luck! Best to try them on and decide if possible. I love my 226 black distressed calf with ghw! It is a classic but you may not be able to just walk in and buy one off the shelf from a store.
  9. The 226 or 225 would be perfect for you IMO. Good luck finding the one you like.
  10. I'm 5'1 and have a 226. It is the PERFECT bag for day/night. The leather fits much more stuff than a regular chanel M/L. It's of course not as large as my classic jumbo, but it's a much better night bag.

    If you are looking for a day bag, go with the 227. If you are looking for a night/day, go with 226.

    The reissue 226 is one of my favorite sizes because it's def. bigger than the regular M/L flat but still looks great and is practical for a night out.
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    I have the small (225) and I love it. I'm almost a foot taller than you, but thin and straight up and down. The 227 and 226 looked big on me but I prefer smaller bags.
  12. I'm a slim 5'0 and find the 226 to be my everyday flap and forces me to pack compact. The 227 dwarfs me.
  13. I am 5' and 90lbs, 226 is my perfect Chanel bag :smile:
  14. Thanks all. I think I am going for the size 226 since I have a medium M/L flap. I like big bag but somehow, the jumbo was too much for my body frame.

    Thanks again.