Reissue purchases---list them

  1. I have seen several threads about PFers getting the new reissues. I'd love to see a list here of who-bought-what so we can all be nosey in one place;)

    So who's first? What did you get?

    Feel free to post pics:woohoo:

    lets try not to stray off topic also or this thread will get very very long:love:

  2. ur so nosey! :p but i am too so i'll go first!

    just bought the purple metallic reissue size 225-equivalent from s/s 08
    bought the black metallic reissue size 225 from a/w 07

    hope to add the dark metallic 225 or 226 to the list soon!
  3. Ok...I'll share!! I have gone "reissue crazy" These are all 2008 Reissues.

    08P A37586 Y04635 dimensions: 9 1/2"w x 6"h x 3"d $2425 Color 81405 Purple

    08P A37587 Y04373 dimensions: 10 3/4"w x 7"h x 3 1/4"d $2695 Color 45002 Silver Dk

    08P A37590 Y04373 dimensions: 12 1/2"w x 7 1/2"h x 3 3/4"d $2850 Color 94305 Black
    smIMG_0817.jpg smIMG0829.jpg comp.jpg smIMG_0837.jpg smIMG_0846.jpg
  4. Ahh beautiful ladies!!! Keep em coming.......and yes I am nosey. LOL
  5. Navy Metallic 227 from SS 08,see sig ^^
  6. Surely more ladies have the new reissues:woohoo:
  7. Arrived yesterday!

    Metallic Navy 227 Reissue

  8. I got the purple 227 on Thursday!!
  9. congrats!
  10. Dark Silver Metallic in 224 (thinking of exchanging for 225).

    Do you mind taking modelling pics for me? Also please include your height and weight. I'm thinking of exchanging mine for the bigger 225....TIA.
  11. Purple 227! That will be all for me as far as metallics, I think. I have 3 metallic bags now and I think that's enough. I've always sworn I didn't like metallics but no one does metallics like Chanel does metallics. They're truly stunning. :love:
  12. yes, keep em coming! and i am nosey too, so no worries. :yes: :p LOL

    here you go! :flowers: i'm 5'5" w/o heels, 130 lbs. in these photos i am probably 5'9" b/c of the high heels.
    chanelgucci1.jpg chanelthakoon1s.jpg
  13. I got the purple reissue the 225 size about a week ago.
  14. Gorgeous!

  15. I just picked up the purple metallic reissue (A37586 Y04635) and I am waiting on the navy metallic reissue. However, now that I have seen the beautiful red metallic reissues, I am seriously torn.

    I am so excited but also sad because I am trying to enforce my "one in, one out" policy so I have to decide which old Chanel bag to part with.
    PICT0001.JPG PICT0008.JPG