Reissue Prices for Spring 2008?

  1. Does anyone know what the prices for reissues will be for Spring 2008?

    I have heard rumors of them being at least 3000!!! :wtf:
  2. I believe that has since been increased to $10,000 :shrugs:

    Just kidding! :p But with all these increases it's just crazy:hrmm::wtf::cursing:
  3. ^-- haha!!
  4. it might as well be 10,000! at 3000, i'm not sure if I would buy one! considering I just bought the same bag a few months ago 700$ less expensive!
  5. LOL E- you're too funny. That's how I feel about these reissues too. If you go to the price increase thread, there's more talk about it. I called my SA again and she said that Chanel corporate wants to match it's prices to Hermes. HERMES. I am so screwed with these increases.
  6. Here is the prices of the reissues I got from my SA last week

    225 $2,250.00
    226 2,695.00
    227 2,850.00
    228 3,495.00

    Hope it helps.
  7. Thanks Chanti, thats really helpful.

    Sad, they are quite expensive, but v helpful ;) lol :biggrin:
  8. chanti90, Are those prices for caviar?
  9. Wow, thanks chanti90! :smile: If that's truly the case, I'm definitely getting ONE reissue (purple here I come!!), because wth is up with these absolutely ridiculous price increases?! :cursing:
  10. chanti90: wow, even if the 226 reissue is still under 3k, that is a mighty huge price jump from what it retailed for when it first came out. these reissues better be absolutely TDF because these prices are NOT!
  11. fieryfashionista: this is so OT but i noticed from the "flap" thread that sheanabelle started that you have several 226 reissues and one 225. how do you like the 225 size? im looking at one but am torn because it is not a 226, which seems to be the predominantly popular bag on the forum. however, im also not a huge fan of the jumbo flap and think the medium is perfect-- do you think the 225 would be a good size for me? i'm 5'1", if that helps.. :p TIA:heart:
  12. Purly- I was told that the reissues for S/S 2008 are all metallic so it is calfskin. I will verify with my SA to make sure the type of leather those prices are for and hopefully we can all be happy and look forward to S/S collection (LOL).
  13. Thanks for the v useful information, chanti90:flowers: BTW, did ur SA said that they will all be in metallic next season...oh my...that sounds purty.:love:
  14. 228 3,495.00???

    You know....the Birkin and Kelly are starting to look mighty affordable now....
  15. i think the prices for the reissues will go up this november, if i am not wrong, i remember someone telling me they will go above 3k. acks!! :nuts: whatever it is, there's gonna be a price hike and that's for sure! how outrageous, compare their bags with hermes? hermes bags are all hand stitched!! i don't think chanel bags are hand stitched other than the overpriced satin/jersey coco's croco flaps. :wtf: a stitch recently came off from my reissue's 227 inner flap which i probably used like for the 5th time, i noticed the stitch when i used it for the 2nd time already but this time it came off and is pretty obvious. i don't know what to say about the quality for such an expensive bag, seriously.