reissue patent - navy or black?

  1. hi there - i am new to the forums - i am trying to decide between a 227 reissue in patent leather - navy or black? i already have a classic medium lambskin flap in black. advice, please?
  2. I vote for NAVY. It's awesome.
  3. Black
  4. I love the navy!! You already have black, so.... Let us know which you choose. They are both gorgeous!
  5. Navy!!!!
  6. Navy!
  7. I love navy, but the black was calling my name when I saw it in the store. So beautiful!
  8. NAVY!!!
  9. Since you already have the black medium classic, I would go for the Navy.
  10. Navy!!!
  11. I have the reissue patent in black and I LOVE it :heart:

    But since you already have a black classic flap, I would say navy. ;)
  12. I bought both the patent reissue in black and navy. If you wear jeans a lot, the navy looks great. For day to night, patent black works great.
  13. I prefer Black patent : more versatile IMO :smile:
    But since you already have black...then NAVY ...
  14. Navy!
  15. Well I prefer the black but as you already have black perhaps the navy