Reissue Owners- Does this sound right?

  1. I just received Grey reissue 227. I was told this is a brand new bag. Since I have not seen this in person , I am not sure whether this is a brand new or not. It came in a box with tag attached; however it seems like the bag has been squished down so I have a line in the middle of the bag at the bottom(horizontally) as well as on the flap. It looks like the has been folded down(horizontally) in the middle? Is this how it is supposed to be?
  2. When I got my bordeaux 226, it was in the box the same way. I believe they all ship flat...
  3. most of them if not all have that little line/bend. It will smooth a bit. Some leathers wrinkled because of it, this bothered a lot of people.
  4. Yep, that is how mine came as well!
  5. both my reissues came like that too....
  6. Yep, my grey reissue came like that as well.
  7. Mine came like that too. I have been filling it up and it helps to smooth that crease out. I also keep it heavily stuffed when I'm not using it.
  8. YES, this is the way Chanel ships them out to retailers. Mine was like that too. I can't understand at all why they would do this. It's a structured bag.:shrugs:

    I have not used mine yet because I'm not sure I'm okay with it. I feel like the bottom will sag if I put something heavy in it. It's kind of irritating that I paid over $2000. for a bag and it looks like someone sat on it.

    Sorry... this thread gave me the opportunity to vent. :hysteric:
  9. My dh put my new grey reissue flat in his suitcase under all his things and at first I totally freaked out but the crease is getting better:cursing:
    I hang the bag and the crease seems to even out but it seems they send this bags like this anyway in the US. When I ordered the white reissue from Frankfurt Germany it came well stuffed and didn't have the crease but I send it back because I didn't love it.
    I was pretty angry, too with my dh but as well with the SA who send such an expensive bag so uncarefully packed because it#s definetely not the way Chanel does it here. I got mine from Saks.
  10. Yes, they all come that way.:yes:
  11. Mine was like that as well. It bothered me at first, but I'm so in love with it now that I just don't care! It isn't as noticeable once you've used it a few times.
  12. One of my reissues came like that and one didnt. I notice that the one that didnt come with the crease is getting one. I think its inevitable and a characteristic of the reissue. Doesnt bother me though. The bag has so much distressing that its not noticeable.
  13. mine is like that as well, and when you actually use it and put stuff in it gets better. but it doesn't quite bother me coz that's just the characteristics of the reissues.
  14. Thanks all.
    Now I feel better.:yes:
  15. :confused1:I just got my dark red 2.55 reissue is size 225. I love it but noticed that the bottom of the bag has a a folded line...and it looks a littly yours like that too or is it flat???? Is this damaged? Thanks a million ladies!