reissue or timeless clutch?

  1. hi guys!

    i am trying to decide on a second chanel item to purchase...i know the dark silver reissue and timeless clutch are two entirely different bags but i love them both and cant decide which one to get...

    any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! and also, do you guys think the dark silver reissue is a good classic piece to own? i was originally going to go for a classic flap but i love the mademoiselle lock on the reissue...thanks!!!
  2. Get the reissue first! The timeless clutch is a classic so it'll still be there later if you want to get it.
  3. I love both of these.. but I would say get the reissue!
  4. reissue!
  5. I agree. I think dark silver is beautiful. It works well for day or evening and is really cool. Get the timeless clutch will always be there.
  6. Reissue without question IMHO. The clutch will always be around, not to mention is will always be quite a bit cheaper than the reissue.
  7. reissue
  8. Reissue! Like what everyone said, the Timeless Clutch will always be around.
  9. Reissue
  10. Reissue...! Especially if you want a color that might not be guaranteed to come back. (-which is almost all of them) e.g. the Dark Silver might be back, but in a different shade that you might not love as much as the one now

    And, as previously mentioned... the Timeless clutch will always be around for purchase. Besides, I think the Reissue will be more versatile -you can probably use it more vs. the clutch -Good Luck! Let us know what you decide :smile:
  11. Ditto, if you can get a reissue in a color you love do it since you can always get a timeless clutch later.
  12. Yep!!! go for reissue
  13. Another vote for Reissue
  14. I have to vote for the reissue as well. They are really beautiful.
  15. Reissue first, then if you can, I'd get the clutch!