Reissue or classic flap??


Reissue or Classic Flap?

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    hi ladies,
    i wanted your opinion on whether i should get a reissue or a classic flap..i actually own one classic flap in gold hardware 2.55 but i dont use it anymore coz i think it looks old and worn out btw, i bought in yr 2001. i wanted to get a new flap..any suggestions? and would the reissue be included in the price increase in november? i live in singapore, but i would not buy here as theres limited stocks and its quite expensive but since im going to las vegas and newyork during christmas holidays i might as well shop for my next chanel..... would there be more stocks during that period? btw, my budget would range from 1800-2300usd ....hope you provide me with your comments and suggestions ..thanks!!! :heart:
  2. there are lots of pics and prices in the reference library thread for flaps and reissues.

    the metallic reissues have already seen their price increases when they came out the last couple of months, and as you know the classics are also seeing price hikes. by the time you get here those new prices will have already been in effect. good luck deciding--you will be able to find a very nice bag within your budget! enjoy your visit!
  3. BG said prices for classics will increase 22% on Nov. 1, I suggest you get one asap. I personally like 2.55 more.
  4. Nordstrom will have their price increase in Nov 1 as well. I also prefer the reissue, it is understated and very very classy.
  5. I am alittle partial to the Reissues, I have two and one more I am picking up late September and I have two classics. I love the style of the reissues and it's great that they are limited. I hate to pay alot for something and see it on someone else. But the classics are just that, forever. Hopefully the Reissues will be too! Not that you see alot of Chanels.... You will know what you love when you see it!
  6. Both are great and I like both for different it is hard to pick one over the other but I might say go for the Reissue esp. if there is a certain color or something you like and you can always pick up a classic flap later...:smile:
  7. hi ladies ...really appreciate your comments ...thanks!! (:
  8. I love the reissues but also love the e/w classic caviar flap. Depending on your budget I would go either for a reissue (2k+) or an e/w classic caviar (currently $1395 US, don't know about price after increase).
  9. Go for the reissue..its limited..the classic you can always pick up later on whenever you want to.
  10. Hi, I'm a new member and am looking for precious advice on what to get for 1st chanel bag which is a must to have piece. So far I only came across classic flap and reissue 2.55 and I love both equally! Which want shall I go for or any other better choice?

    Could anyone tell me what's Mobile Art?

    Thank you :confused1:
  11. oh this is a very hard choice, i think a classic in caviar will be great because it needs less maintenance. then move onto reissue.

    reissue are harder to come by because every season is different, so if u found the colour u love in reissue then buy that first.

    oh i'm really not any help to u :sad::sad:
  12. Classic Flap gets my vote on this one!
  13. If it's your very first Chanel then I would say the classic flap. You can always move on to reissues and many, many other fabulous Chanel bags later on :biggrin:

    Mobile Art is an exhibition where the quilted bag is the focus. It will be traveling around the world, from Tokyo to the USA and finally to Europe.
  14. My vote goes to the classic flap.:yes:
  15. I vote for classic.