Reissue or Classic Flap? Mod Shots

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  1. A631E16F-4F83-4701-9126-1EF6B0883857.jpeg I am going to buy a Chanel bag for myself for my 40th birthday. Currently, I only own a WOC. I drove the two hours to the nearest Chanel and tried these two on and truly fell in love with both. They are so different in style and for how I would use them. I can’t! B465F236-3349-44B2-8C9D-CB0C8D452927.jpeg
    1st photo: Mini Reissue in Navy
    2nd: M/L black classic flap in caviar
  2. Congrats and happy birthday! I loved my forties, best years of my adult life. Both bags are beautiful. I love the reissue. The other is beautiful too. I guess I won’t be much help, ha! 40 is a milestone birthday, maybe treat yourself to both
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  3. Top one looks great on you!
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  4. I might want to consider the Reissue medium size. It might tick both boxes for you.
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  5. I agree. If this is your first bag besides the woc, I’d get a medium size. Can’t go wrong between the 2.55 or classic! Totally personal preference... but a mini won’t hold that much more than a woc.
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  6. Oh my, it was hard for me too. I think you'll end up with both (soon).
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  7. (I’m a die hard fan of the reissue)
    From the pics I think the classic flap looks more flattering but it can be because of the chain drop of the reissue (and the fact that you are wearing it on your shoulder). Do you prefer a crossbody bag? If yes go for the reissue. If you like shoulder bag, you look great with the classic.
  8. Thank you for this feedback! I love the blue of the reissue - it was stunning IRL. My boyfriend was not a fan of the reissue...that is what’s holding me back from it. I think the biggest thing that’s holding me back from the CF is that I’m so used to having a small crossbody bag for the weekends. I’m trying to figure out if a larger, single shoulder bag would be used on the weekends. I would not use it during the week. I agree that the larger reissue would be a happy blend...but my boyfriend really doesn’t like the style and kind of talked me out of my excitement over it.

    Does anyone have feedback about how often they use their Medium CF?
  9. Love the reisuue on you
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  10. Reissue but personally the 225 size.
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  11. I think crossbody or not should help to make the decision! I cannot handle shoulder bags , even on weekends or anything. I have a mini square and its a mostly shoulder bag and so its become a going out/ evening bag. Even then I end up gravitating towards my woc. So while I love the mini square, I just don't end up using it as much.
    So - if you're really a crossbody gal, then go for the reissue! That blue is gorg!
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  12. My BF thought the reissue was the most hideous bag when I first showed it to him LOL. It made me question the bag but I knew deep down I couldn't be without it because I always loved it. When I explained the history of the bag he seemed to understand its beauty more and now he loves the bag especially with ruthenium hardware.
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  13. I had the same issue with my bf. I have one classic m/l flap and two mini reissues. I love the blue color and wish I can get that color but having three mini reissues just sounds ridiculous! I use my mini reissue all the time. It’s so carefree and easy to use. I can wear it crossbody, the leather is durable, and it is very light. I have the woc also and never use my woc bc the strap is too long and it doesn’t fit anything I need. I rarely use my classic m/l bc it feels too fancy for my daily use. I use it for dinners and special occasions. I don’t baby my minis but I baby my classic flap. I feel like you would eventually want both! I say get both! Happy birthday.
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  14. It was a hard choice for me too! I decided for the classic M/L flap and.... I was totally wrong! And that’s why:
    - no crossbody option
    - heavy (you feel it on you body even with day essentials)
    - difficult to use all day life (for my life style with supermarkets, school etc etc)
    - not really roomy

    + very classical design which hold life long
    + high value which allow you to bring it to any formal event

    With mini reissue
    + low price with almost the same design
    + cross body option
    + light
    + almost the same space inside with M/L
    + easier use in all day life

    - maybe less formal

    You need to value also gold/ silver colors and if you would like similar but roomier bag you already have or very classical option ))) good choice!
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  15. This is exactly what I think would happen if I had all three... the woc, M/L flap, and mini reissue. I would mostly use the reissue. Oh man. This has given me a lot to think about. The one other thing that is pulling me toward the CF, even if it doesn’t fit my lifestyle currently, is that I should get it now because it is borderline way too expensive as it is. I feel like this is the last opportunity to get it. I would never pay a higher price for it. I know the mini flap could be a nice alternative, but I really like how the reissue has the double strap.

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