Reissue on Ebay

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  1. Ok girls ....

    I am eyeing this ebay chanel reissue bag ...


    Is anyone thinking of bidding on this??? I dont want to start a war with one of my sisters here :smile:
  2. I am no expert, you should ask other people in this forum, ans someone please correct me if I am wrong - but are'nt the squares supposed to line up when the bag is closed? On this bag they do not.
  3. the reissue bag at ebay look good....if you have the patient they are going to release the new colour of the reissue..i was told this by my local Chanel SA....she said this summer they are going to release the new colour you local Chanel SA if you want more info about the new colour
  4. Denimbaggy: Did she tell you what the colors will be?
  5. hmmm ..
    i dont think there are any fake reissues out there ..... are there??????????????????
  6. I don't think there are any fake reissues out there yet. That one looks pretty good. I don't know if you know this already but the new reissues coming out won't have the 2005 on it. The one on auction does so if you want the anniversary edition, that's the one.
  7. It looks good to me, I'm pretty sure that seller has authentic items listed. I've decided that I'm getting a 2.55 reissue, but I'm going to try and locate one through the boutique first, before going on eBay.
  8. This seller sells authentic bags. The photo angle is deceiving and are making it look like the squares don't line up. This gray leather is to die for. I have the quilted and puffier reissue tote in this color.
  9. she said the new reissue colour will be burgundy,antique gold and an off-white...they will receive the summer look-see book soon....
  10. cristina, my sa located 8 of the grey large reissues at saks beverly hills. I received mine and was unhappy with the scratches that made it appear to be the floor model so she found me another from bev hills and it's on its way. Mine line up but only when you perfectly hold it in place. as soon as you put something in the bag they are slightly off on the flap. Mines real though, purchased from chanel. the grey is beautiful, perfect, and I was able to buy a black classic flap bag on ebay. get the grey, you'll love it.
  11. Burgundy sounds really nice :love:
  12. Thanks, loren! At least we know there are some available. I think amanda said she saw a couple of the large grey reissue, too.

    his angel - Can you have one from somewhere here in the US sent to you? I don't see how it would be a problem to go into the Chanel boutique near you and have them locate one and send it to you...
  13. I like the idea of an antique gold one. Are all the reissues limited or is it only the 2005 ones?
  14. ooh i'd love an off-white
  15. yep, both saks and neimans in atlanta should have them :smile: