Reissue mini and medium classic

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  1. Hi ! I need your usefull advice .
    I just sold my jumbo black caviar gold hardware. I used it twice in two years so I thought it was time to let it go.
    My sweet SA reserved me a mini reissue black with the shiny gold hardware and I bought it when I saw it because it is beautiful IMO

    Now I am thinking that maybe I should return it and get a medium classic instead.
    I already have a medium in red, wich is my favorite bag :smile:, a reissue 226 with ruthenium and minis and woc...
    I am really working hard on curating my collection so I need to decide wich one to keep.
    I will not get the medium classic on top of the mini reissue. The only option is to return the mini and add money to get the classic...
    What would you do? Is it worth it?
    Thank you!
  2. Both bags r lovely, however if you ask what's more classic I will always opt for medium CF over the mini reissue. That would be my answer.
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  3. Classic flap
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  4. Classic flap definitely.
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  5. The reissue mini is so versatile! You can sling and shoulder carry it. The length is better than classic rectangle mini for me. The leather is a great throw around.

    Nonetheless, you said the red medium is your favorite bag. And you have miniS already. And since you’re almost done with your collection (for now at least haha) think you should get the ever classic Medium black instead :smile:. If red is your current favorite, Black might be the new #1!
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  6. What would you use more often, the mini or the medium Classic?
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  7. Class for sure!!!
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  8. Classic Flap!
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  9. Since you already have a couple of Chanel bags, I would say get the one you will use more.
    BUT you can get a black classic flap any time...a reissue mini is seasonal, and reissue 224 is hard to come by.
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  10. Classic flap +1 Personally I find the tirn locks on the mini reissues too shiny, almost plasticky.
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  11. I would go for Chanel Reissue Mini. Since you already have a classic medium flap in red, and you can always get a classic medium flap... whereas the reissue mini is hard to come by and black/ghw is the most versatile combination you can get.

    I also have a Medium Classic Flap (black shw), Reissue 227 (black ghw) and a few minis. Of the lot, I reach out to the classic medium flap the least. I felt that the minis are more chic and it could fit all my essentials. For work, I often use my reissue 227 which is more roomy for typical work day.
  12. So at the end I have decided to keep my mini reissue❤️
    I went to the store but the medium black did not seem that special to me?! .. At that moment.
    I already have a red medium which is my favorite bag but it is not at all the one I use the most..
    I will wait to see if a beautiful color ( grey or burghundy or else ) will be available and then I will rethink about it.
    Thank you all ladies for your kind help ❤️
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  13. Excellent choice!
    CF's are everywere and agree with others: you don't see mini reissues that much.
    But it's also the question what would you use more or in this case: which is more special.
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