Reissue Metallic Owners!!

  1. I am thinking about getting Reissue this coming fall, metallic black or dark silver. But I am little worried about dark silver because all my metallic bags got a little bit peeled off on the corners. For those of you who own dark silver or any metallic reissue had any of this problem???
    Please help!!!
  2. I got the dark silver reissue last Dec and have not had any problems. However I don't use it as any everyday bag, just for going out to dinner and things like that.
  3. I don't think you should have problems. :smile: I've had minor fading occur with my metallic Balenciaga's, but, that's a different type of leather all together. The reissues are a much more durable metallic calfskin, and unless you abuse the crap out of your bag haha, I don't think you should have any problems. :p I have a metallic dark silver reissue, and it looks perfect (I also do not use mine as an everyday bag)... and even though I am pretty anal about my bags, the durability of the leather does help! :smile: