Reissue - Metallic Black vs Black Jumbo Distressed Caviar

  1. Hi I need some advice. Which bag should i get? I love both.

  2. I :heart: the metallic black.
  3. I had to make this choice too, I went with the distressed caviar. But both are beautiful.
  4. Hi DD101, what made you decide on the distressed caviar?
  5. Maybe i'm getting confused... Is the distressed caviar a reissue? I read somewhere its not. Can someone help me on this. Thanks.
  6. The distressed caviar is not a reissue but a classic style bag with the new chain and MM lock. I wrestled with the same decision when I bought my black jumbo with the silver hardware and spotted the metallic black reissue in 227 at the boutique. I bought the jumbo back with me though because....

    The reissue looked like more of an evening bag whereas the jumbo can be used during the day
    Caviar is more hardwearing than lambskin
    The reissue was a bit flat looking with a bend in the bottom
    The caviar was £140 cheaper.

    Good luck in you decision, let us know how you decide.
  7. Thanks for your advice. I havent seen the new chain. Not sure if I like the new chain. And the reissue seems more like a classic.
  8. Between these two I prefer the metallic black reissue. I have seen the other one and it didn't appeal to me mostly because f the chain. Also it looks more dark grey than black.
    I think that the reissue is more classic.
    But I think that you have to visit a boutique and see both, and then you'll know which one is right for you.
  9. I second that!:yes:
  10. I like the distressed look, plus I knew I could really USE this bag, and not worry, no need to be careful with it and baby it. I really liked the metallic black too, but I felt it somehow had a bit of a dressy look, and I am more on the casual side. I'm sure there are pf'ers that use the metallic black as a casual bag, but for me it seemed dressy. It really all depends on what you prefer, do you like the leather to have a bit of a sheen to it? Or do you prefer the distressed leather?

    Just so you know, I use me Le Marias (gold/black) flap as an everyday bag. Some might feel this bag is more dressy because of the gold (this gold lends itself to silver too, it's a matt distressed metallic), but it's distressed, so to me this is casual. But it depends on YOU and what YOU like. Doesn't matter how we would carry a bag, think of your life style and what usually works best for you.

    Can't wait to see which you choose, both are really beautiful :yes:

    I have to add that the above poster is correct, the distressed black caviar is more of a grey black, not a deep dark solid midnight black. I have a jumbo flap in black caviar with the old chain, so that black caviar is a bit shiny, so the distressed one was a different look for me.
  11. both are lovely, but i prefer the classic style over the reissue -- the interior flap on the reissue drives me crazy.
  12. Metallic, metallic, metallic all the shimmering, day-to-night, eye-catching way!
  13. Black metallic!!!!
  14. I also LOVE the Metallic!
  15. I vote for black metallic, I have one, its surprisingly durable and can be dressed up or down ie very versatile for me!:tup: