Reissue: Metallic black or Dark Silver?

  1. Now that everyone has seen the metallic black and dark silver, which one is yr favorite? I'm on the waitlist for both and I have the funds for only one. This is my first reissue. Currently I have a metallic black Lux bowler and a Red Timeless caviar clutch.

    Which is yr pick?
  2. i like the dark silver only because I already have a black classic jumbo :smile:
  3. metallic black
  4. metallic black
  5. since u already have a metallic black bowler, i'd go with the dark silver! the colour of the dark silver also seems almost chameleon-like and changes subtly depending under what lighting condition you view it in so it really makes it a very versatile colour IMO :smile: but both are really beautiful and i don't think u can go wrong with either! good luck deciding!
  6. Dark Silver! Not really feeling the metallic black..
  7. Both are really nice but if I have to pick one it is DARK SILVER without the slightest doubt!! :tup:
  8. Dark silver
  9. Dark silver absolutely!
  10. metallic black gets my vote
  11. If u already have a metallic black bowler, I would vote for dark silver.
  12. If the black classic caviar jumbo is next on your wish list, get the dark silver now, if not metallic black gets my vote.
  13. that's a tough one. but I think I'd vote for dark silver. The metallic black is nice too but you already have a metallic black bowler...and I actually I prefer the dark silver color, the metallic black is nice but I kinda feel like it's over-rated.
  14. dark silver!!
  15. Metallic black :smile: