Reissue Medium in Tarnished Pink?

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  1. My SA in Paris told me about this color that is available, does anyone know what color it is? Is it a matt rose gold, or really pink?
  2. I know there's a rose gold color.
  3. omg this sounds gorgeous!!!!
  4. Yummy! Rose gold!

    Swanky - would that be the copper color? Or something else?
  5. Sounds pretty!
  6. It had a coppery tone - brighter than a rosegold - a little more orangey. Very Pretty. I loved the hardware of it.
  7. Wow! I didn't know this color was available. Is it part of the cruise line? Is it in stores now?
  8. Yes to all of the above.
  9. I saw an amazing pink croc reissue for $13K with gold hardware. TDF...

    The one gold one from 2007 Cruise looks like rose gold. I think one of the member own it.
  10. I want that croc reissue SO badly :smile:)) Rose gold sounds amazing though!
  11. does anyone have the pic of the rose gold??
  12. sounds yummy.. would love to see pictures!
  13. Ladies,
    Does anybody have copper or rose gold reissue? Can you please post pics?:flowers:

    I am so torn between dark silver and the copper one ...:s :s
  14. There are some pics in Reference Library.
  15. I'm pretty sure this is the color chanel is calling "dark silver". I saw it and it does look very much like rose gold. Its very pretty.
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