Reissue Issue

  1. Is it just me or does anyone else have a hard time closing the reissue clasp as opposed to the clasp on the regular flap? I found myself fidgeting with the clasp in the store when I was initially looking at the reissue and again last night when I had my bag out with me. Its hard to line up the clasp. Anyone or is it just me?
  2. I have the same issue as well and I kept on wondering why Mischa B and Sienna Miller never close their bas lol!!!:p
  3. I did as well..(recently sold my reissue) which drove me crazy. Although I love the bags, I am going to stick with the tried and true flaps.

    I think the closing challenges has to do with the shape of the top of the bag...your items have to be settled at the bottom for it to fold over easily. For the flaps (with the more rounded top), you can fill your bag pretty much to the top.

    I use my bags and if there is anything that makes that a challenge, I decide to move on...
  4. Ditto, it's a hassle.
  5. But its so pretty.....I guess for the times I use my reissue I can suck it up. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't playing with a defected bag. Thanks girls.
  6. Oh YES! I thought it was just me! that's why I never could buy one!
  7. Yes it's true...but I don't care, I just love the reissue so much that I can live with it, now I know why some of the celebs left the flap unclosed...cos I do that sometimes...:p
  8. Also, the other issue that I have with my Reissue is that the chain get knotted all the time... but I still love reissues :yes:
  9. Didn't find any problem at all...Maybe I hardly open up?!
    Whatever in the purse, stays untouch when I go out. (I just let my DH pay the bills. LOL!)
  10. same with me too, no problems at all:nogood:
  11. haha ceci, that is hilarious!! what are husbands for right?

    the clasp on mine does seen a little more stiff, but hopefully it will be easier to use over time?
  12. oh thanks! I've thought it was me all this time! My flap is constantly coming open because the turnlock doesn't catch.

    And yes, the chain getting knotted is a bit of a bother for me,too!

    But overall I love 'em and the look
  13. yah. I had the same problem. Does not bother me much. I just take a moment to pay attention to what I'm doing and close it properly.
  14. Gotta fit that square peg in the square hole sort of thing. One time I had such a hard time that it was embarassing. Someone was talking to me about Chanel bags and I had just finished saying how I thought they were so well made and easy to carry, etc. THEN I couldnt close my bag! LOL. I even had to have assistance. I was like "wait, wait, I got it, wait" Definitely easier to close the classic flap closure.
  15. It is a little harder to close than the flap, but I love the look of reissue sooooo much, I don't mind that little hassle at all ^_________^