Reissue in So Black hardware questions

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  1. Hi Everyone,
    Just trying to find how often does the 225 size Reissue comes out in the So Black hardware on average every year. I love the look of it, plus I'm trying to pinpoint the seasons in which they came out in. Is it a specific season such as Spring/Summer seasons of do they bring out a So black for most seasons? I've noticed the didn't do it for the Cruise collection. Sorry for my questions... there isn't a lot of info out there as it is a seasonal piece. Looking forward to seeing your answers. Thank you :smile:
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    This is a question I am wondering about too. From what I know they don't always have it available, but it seems that since it is such a high priced bag, it doesn't sell as fast as others? I know Hirschleifers has a 227 that's from a season or two ago because it still has the old pricing of $6400. I just bought the 226 chevron from Hirschleifers and I know they have one or two more in stock. I didn't ask about the 225.

    I did see the 225 in quilted so black at my local boutique last week, but I didn't check the tag to see the season. If this helps, I found this compounded here on the forum. Please someone correct me if any of the below is incorrect.

    Four seasons of Chanel & Delivery time in US

    C = Cruise; usually deliver Nov - Jan (R+year)
    P = Printemp; spring/summer act 1; usually deliver Jan to Mar (S+year)
    S = Summer; spring/summer act 2; usually deliver Mar to Jun (SR+year)
    A = Autumn; pre-fall; usually deliver May to Sep (PF+year)
    B = fall/winter act 1; Jun to Oct (F+year)
    K = fall/winter act 2; Aug to Nov (FR+year)
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  3. Well there is no set pattern. Chanel can do it again next season or they may not do it at all. For example, there has not been a Black/Black quilted classic since the crumpled calfskin almost 2 years ago. However the Black/Black chevron reissue has been out over the last several seasons, and I believe they just did a quilted for 18B if I'm not mistaken. I have noticed that when Chanel did the Classic flaps, they tended to be in the S/S season.

    The only thing for sure is that as long as the Black HW remains popular, Chanel will produce some version of it.
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  4. Hi Elaria,You read my mind, I actually did want to know the release of each season too as it was my second question after this Haha! :smile: Yes it would seem that way, as the higher price tag in this style may put people off. Seems a little unfair for it to be so expensive. Wish Chanel wouldn't increase the price for that reason as we all know they are expensive enough. Thank you for your advice :smile:
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  5. Hi Lallybelle,
    I had a suspicion that would be this way. So difficult to predict with Chanel and I just need to keep my feelings out. Thank you for your helpful advice :smile:
  6. As a lover of So Black, yes Chanel comes up with them at random season to keep us all surprised & addicted :smile:. 2017, we saw 2 So Black Boys n a classic crumpled calf. None released for boys/classics in 2018, but instead the 2.55 quilt. Several versions of chevron so black 2.55 has been released for the last 2 years ish.

    The last time they released a quilted 2.55 was several years ago I believe? The one with glazed coating. This time they released it with the regular reissue leather. I can’t miss it! Knowing it won’t be on repeat :smile:. And yes, now’s still a good time to hunt around. They may release another version... but usually with different leather or some changes. If you’re alr set on a certain combo, don’t wait around! Price just keeps increasing :P
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  7. Hi Revangelina,
    That is very good advice. I may have to wait for the right combo to come along. Yes, Chanel seems to know how to keep us constantly interested. Thank you for the the helpful info :smile:
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  8. Just from what's been said and what's on the resale market, it also seems that the chevron style in the So Black Aged calfskin happens more often than the diamond quilt pattern - making the Quilt more rare in the So black. I wonder why that is.... So that it doesn't compete with the Classic Flap market perhaps? who knows with Chanel :smile:
  9. Thank you for your Chanel wisdom. I was inclined to buy the so black reissue now due to the price increase. I actually paid the new nov 2018 price, but I figured with how fast the classics are rising in price, I should get my HG now before it gets to be $8k in 2 years. I think in the next 5 years or so Chanel flaps and reissues will be in the $10k range competing with H bags. Crazy and to think my mom bought her classic flaps for $1300

    Has anyone noticed the chevron so black from this season has what seems like anodized black hardware? I see an iridescent sheen to the hardware and a small silver spot that makes the hardware look like black anodization.