Reissue In Dusty Pink

  1. I heard that they have a reissue in dusty pink...where can I find it please?
  2. i m obsessed with pink ! does anyone have a pic of it ?
  3. I saw a classic flap in this color, but I have never seen it in a reissue. Maybe it's one of those things that never even hit the sales floor. I know there was a copper reissue made with gold hardware for Cruise 06/07, but it seems that noone has ever seen it except for a magazine.
  4. apparently the pink is a rose-goldish colour.

    have never seen it, don't think many stores ordered it ;(
  5. Ths colour sounds :heart:.
    just wondering if u know sydney chanel has ordered it?
  6. It sounds intriguing!
  7. anything pink is lovely!!!
  8. hi ishino i think i just bought an alannah hill skirt from you :p

    i don't think sydney ordered it, fredrick said they only ordered dark silver, dark gold and the patents (unless something changed!)
  9. I think it's pretty.. out of all matellic reissues, for some reason, pink and dark silver are least popular in tokyo (where i'm at) so i see PLEANTY around all the chanel stores. gold and silver have sold out already.
  10. :yahoo:
    THank u!
    i wish we had a Chanel boutique in Perth!
  11. anybody has pic of this dusty pink?
  12. could you snap some pics for us plz ???
  13. Imbossy is it pink gold or actually dusty pink?
    I called the tokyo boutique because I wanted both the pink and the dark silver...they say that they dont ship that true? The SA's english wasnt that easy to understand...please please help am desperate now lol.
    Could you give me more information I d really really appreciate it. Thank youuuuuuu xx
  14. hm... didn't know they don't ship abroad from tokyo stores.. sorry about that :sad: guam DFS chanel store had one in small size when i went there during new years so why don't you check with them? but then again, since its DFS, it might just be for the tourists.

    the color isn't dusty what so ever... you know how shiny and bright the gold one is? it's just like that but imagine it with pink tone. the chain is in rose(red) gold. i think someone had a picture in this forum.
  15. oh so you mean its not just a plain pink one because they said that they have apink one that was made only for them in the owrld...the rose gold one Ive seen already.