Reissue in Dark White - Fit for S/S??

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  1. Hi girls! I'd like to get your opinions on the 255 Reissue in Dark White. Is it a nice color/style for spring/summer?? I love the color even though it was a 2006 S/S color. And I'm hunting high and low for it in the 225 size, which is not a popular size bc ppl generally prefer the 226 size. Ebay rarely lists a reissue. I love the bag so much after I saw it on smoothoprtr!
    Opinions please! Help!

  2. I have a dark white Vintage LIgne Tote and I think the color is great year round :yes:
  3. Nevermind! I already ordered a 225 Reissue in Bordeaux! I already have a small white bag (different brand, Coach) but I figured it would get as dirty as that one. :smile: A nice bordeaux bag is a rare find!
  4. I found the darkwhite 226 at Seattle Nordstrom's....they are sending it. You may want to check for the 225.
  5. I agree...It's perfect for year round..
  6. imgg, i found a 225 in bordeaux! it'll be here sometime next wk. i'm excited! :smile: i decided not to get the dark white.
  7. Did you get it at Nordies Seattle? You will LOVE the bordeaux!!!!! great choice! please post pics once it arrives!
  8. i DID get it at nordies seattle!!! it may be the same exact one you were looking at in your previous threads! :smile: HAHA. YES, def I will post pics! I'm waiting for your dark white pics too!
  9. congrats on your bordeaux reissue! i do also think the dark white is great all year 'round.