Reissue in Caviar Leather?

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  1. Hi ladies, I'm relatively new on Chanel bags. I'm just wondering if Reissue comes in Caviar leather?
  2. i don't think it does? never seen one! but i could be wrong
  3. This fall/winter Chanel actually did come out with some caviar leather reissues. I have not seen any in black but there are some out there in that kind of brown sugar color as well as a red, both with ruthenium hardware, and there is also a kind of bi-color flap that is a hybrid of sorts. It is a very dark almost purple-ish brown caviar from the bottom all the way over the flap but the entire front and interior is the same gray that the In The Mix gray tote is made of. The bi-color isn't for everyone but its probably one of my favorite bags from fall/ yes there ARE caviar reissues :smile:
  4. Does anyone know if Chanel will keep producing the Reissue in Caviar?
  5. Yes. Check the reference library for a pic. Not sure if it's a one time thing or not. We'll just have to wait & see.
  6. I have the two-tone caviar/calf reissue that I bought in October - and I do love it. I've seen a red caviar reissue as well - not sure what season that one is from.

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  7. I just love the reissue in caviar. I tried it on in store a couple of months ago and it was a redish color and it was sooo pretty. I only want the reissue and I want it in caviar. Just not ready to purchase yet. May have to jump on it soon if they won't be reproducing.
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  8. hi there,

    There are 2 brown reissues in caviar as of yesterday at chanel in bloor (toronto)..
    HTH! :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
  9. i think i've seen a couple of the reissues in caviar when i was visiting HK. it's soft caviar leather.
  10. Aren't these called the "hybrids"? Or am I thinking of something totally different? There was a red one a few seasons ago.
  11. Karman I think the hybrid that you're thinking of is the bag that had the classic chain with the mademoiselle lock....these bags are totally like the reissue in chain and lock only with caviar leather.
  12. I love the look of the caviar reissues. I haven't seen one IRL yet. But if I did, I'd probably do a double-take and wonder if it's a fake :P
  13. i still prefer reissue in the original matte material...
  14. yes it did came out with the reissues style in black red brown etc... with the rustic ruthium silver chains.
  15. Yes I believe that hybrid was from 2008 because my store still has one in the back!! LOL