Reissue in calfskin??

  1. I have just been told that the new reissues for Fall come in a metallic vintage calfskin. Gals out there who DO own reissues, can u kindly confirm if your reissues are in lambskin or calfskin? The SA was unable to send me a photo so I'm really not sure how different these new reissues will look! Can someone help me pleease?
  2. i think the reissues are calfskin.

    my dark silver and gold reissues are calfskin.
  3. Whew, good to know that. Thanks chanelfans!! I am now one step closer to owning my dream bag!!!
  4. Which reissue did u order? Did u pre-order or is it on the way to u? Congrats!
  5. Haha thanks, but I haven't really ordered yet, these are all the Fall reissues so they will only arrive in July/August. But I am trying to reserve a black now, let's hope all goes well. I promise to post pics when I get it!!