Reissue in bright GOLD... Should I....

  1. get it? SA is holding one for me but I'm having second thoughts... will they be a collector's item in the near future? PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME!!! I can't decide!!!! :shrugs:
  2. YES!! i think any chanel reissue is a collector's item. i say go for it! if you end up not liking can return it later but i think you should have it for a few hours before you decide. good luck and let us know if you decide to get it :smile:
  3. I love the reissue...

    I would say go for it~ Gold is a nice colour and it will become a collector's item in the furture, I believe!
  4. If it's the one I'm thinking of...that's a really brash, obnoxious, foily gold. I'd pass...but there's a chance you might like it in person. It really isn't me.
  5. It's so funny you mentioned that because I was really caught up in the whole metallic trend and with it being a limited color, I almost bought it. I ran into "nerdphanie" at the trunk show and she convinced me that it looked like foiled wrapping paper. That brilliant description made me put it back. Nerphanie did talk me into getting the navy patent reissue instead, which I give her tons of kudos for.
  6. since shallow obsessing is strongly encouraged in this forum, i'll take it as shallow bragging is strongly encouraged as well..:p i don't have to decided about reissue gold anymore cuz my hubby surprised me yesterday when i got home!!!!:nuts: :heart: :yahoo: WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!
  7. HI Imbossy, do you love your new bag? I went ahead and I finally ordered one, and I really hope I love it!:yes: (I was holding out for a light silver, but I did not think it was going to happen) Please post a picture if you can, and congrats:yahoo:
  8. Congratulations Imbossy :smile: you must be ecstatic.
  9. thanks!!! and yes.. that bright gold isn't for faint-hearted ladies!! :p that's why i love it!!!!!!!!!!! so freakin' bright that it almost look like a toy or something.