Reissue in 227.. What to put inside???

  1. Okay.. So, from a big bag girl, (not really big, but medium size.), I fell in love with the medium classic flap and mini flap. So, my dilemma before was how to consume so little space with all my essentials in it... And so I did. Now, I fell in love with the Reissue in 227. But the problem is... I DON'T KNOW NOW WHAT TO PUT INSIDE??? Whenever I go out with my Navy Patent Reissue in 227... It seemed so empty inside!! I don't put much stuffs in it.. Just what I always put in my medium classic flaps!! Lipstick, small wallet, keys, ipod nano, and then that's it!! I feel like my bag is soo empty!!! Can you please help me and suggest what can I put inside to make it feel like "complete and full inside?!" Thanks!!!

  2. I always have my continental wallet with me, cell phone, keys and the bag is full.
    With my medium flap I have to chenge the wallet as it is really small.
    I find the 227 perfect as an everyday bag.
  3. I am truly a big bag girl. i won tons of huge bags and totes.

    my new love for the 227 has caused me to stop packing so much but it suprisingly does not bother me

    I have been carrying my long chanel cambon wallet, my cell, loose lipgloss w/out a pouch (i need to find one that will fit), business card holder and various small loose items. not really that much, but i think its b-cuz my wallet it too long.

    I also think its how you pack things inside. i usually stuff a lot of bills and reciepts in my bags but i have not done that w/ my jumbo. Bills will fit but since its a smaller space than what I'm used to I carry very few

    Not sure if I helped any? i can try to take a pic tonight inside. I'd love to see pics of what others have inside too:tup:
  4. Will it fit a small foldable umbrella or bottle of mineral water? The weather in Sg tends to be rainy on an arbitrary basis, so an umbrella is pretty much essential. Would it be practical in HK??
  5. cell phone for sure! hmm, i think it could fit a small umbrella, during the rainy season. When I still had my metallic bowler (albeit a lot larger than your 227), I would put a small cardigan in it to make the bag more full and it's handy if it gets cold!
  6. Do you carry an agenda?? That will take up some space. Perhaps a small cosmetic case? I've seen cute cambon ones!
  7. I was just wondering then, is a size 226 big enough to fit a small shrug/cardi all bunched up? Have reserved a reissue in 226 and wondering if it's big enuff for me! I have a very fat Anna Sui wallet :p
  8. Thanks guys! I got my bag full once only. When I had to bring an umbrella to work because not sure if it's going to rain or not! hehe! Yes Lucci, I do have an agenda but I don't usually use it for everyday so I don't carry it with me... I guess the reason why my bag is so empty because I have a small wallet instead of a long wallet!