Reissue: How do you use your pockets and slots?


Nov 13, 2006
Maybe a silly question, but how do you organize your reissue? What do you put in all the pockets, zip compartment, etc? I'm a bit overwhelmed by all the options:confused1: ! thanks!!!
In the zipper compartment that's in the "flap" portion of the bag, I put my blotting sheets and a little "matchbook" of disposable nail files.

Then in the large pocket that's between the back of the bag and the main compartment (inside the bag--hope this makes sense), I put coupons and other things I've printed out.

In the interior pockets, I put a pen, lipgloss and a lip pencil in the center compartment. The side ones are usually empty since I don't want to stretch them out, put I occasionally put my mints in there.

I don't use the outer back pocket at all.