Reissue help please!

  1. Hi ladies,

    I need some help with the 13B reissues! I've been on the hunt for a 227 and my SA sent me some photos of what is currently available. I originally wanted a black aged leather with GHW but she came back with these. She also said there is a 'dark blue patent' but couldn't confirm whether it's GHW or SHW. There's also a light purple, darker purple, and dark silver, but I'm not interested in any of those.

    1. Black patent (which looks like a very dark plum to me -- I double checked with her and she confirmed it's black)
    2. Burgundy patent

    Has anyone seen the 'dark blue' reissue for this season? I was on the Chanel website and could only see this blue. Is this the only blue for reissue for 13B? Also, has anyone seen this season's black patent reissue in person?




    Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 1.04.33 PM.png
  2. Ok this isn't very helpful but I just had to say, that burgundy patent is GORGEOUS!
  3. I second that!!
  4. I kinda like that black plum color....??
  5. I don't know much about the dark blue reissue either, however, the burgundy patent looks divine!
  6. the black patent is gorgeous! i like how it's different colors in different lighting. sorry i'm of no help. you're making me think of a reissue next... ;)
  7. Those aren't older reissues? They look like past season colors to me...
  8. I second that...especially the Black patent. I've seen the Black patent with dark purple undertone from 11A collection( if I remember correctly). The color was black without any bright light.. but when I brought it under the Sun or direct light, it was appeared as dark black plum or purple patent with glittering effect.
  9. Another vote for the burgundy! It is THE color of the season. Btw, can you let me know where your SA is? I'm in the hunt for the dark silver or purple reissue. Thank you.
  10. winter colors,not bad! But I think aged black reissue is prettier!
  11. Hi Tiffany,
    No matter how I move my screen the first reissue looks plum to me. If you really want true black I would wait, it will come around and your SA will want to find it for you. As sugarplumpurse said, it does look plum in the daylight or sun. having said that I love love love the burgundy, but I know that is not what you are looking for. Don't give up if it is what you really want but if you re happy with the plum undertones, congrats I think you found a beautiful bag!!! Please show us a reveal when you choose.
  12. Yes, I have the matching reissue tote in that color. I like it because it turns plum in the light but otherwise looks black.

  13. The burgundy is VERY beautiful but I just recently got a red patent jumbo so feels a little redundant if I get the burgundy.

    That's what I thought too but wasn't positive. When I searched through the forum I found the plum looking black to be from 11A as well. So I am very confused as I know Chanel never repeats the exact same shade. Guess I will have the most accurate answer by asking my SA to get me a picture of the tag with the codes.
  14. Hi Sparkley, I was having trouble attaching photos in my PM to you so here are the pictures my SA sent me earlier today. These are currently available from her. If you are interested in these please PM me :smile:
    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380259726.850674.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380259735.351078.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1380259743.167605.jpg
  15. Chanel does repeat some colours. I missed out on the 09A gold 2.55 with RHW. But the exact shade came out again for 11A. So I grabbed it :smile: I've seen the burgundy and bronze repeated too. These were not patent, however.
    I like the black patent. It is a chameleon :smile: