Reissue help needed.

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  1. I saw Clemence Poesy (my favourite actress) carrying this;
    and fell in love with it.
    Can anyone tell me what size is it?
    Clemence Poesy was carrying it in 2006, though, I wonder if I can still find the right size and colour?

    Thank you for your time.
    You ladies of this blog help me with a lot of my purchases. :yahoo:
  2. it looks like the size 224... no idea about the history, all i know chanel only released it for a certain period... sorry not much of help here :shame:
  3. the new season re issues has something quite similar - in cream and distressed ask for size 224
  4. I agree, looks like a white distressed calfskin reissue in 224 size. These are pretty hard to come about.
  5. not difficult to find at all - in chanel boutiques now. just call them

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  6. Really?
    I thought it was smaller than 244.
    But then again, my eye for proportions has always been awful :P

    Thank you so much :smile:
    I will call the nearest boutique asap.
  7. can someone enlarge the photo? I think i'm loving this look - excellent choice ...
  8. plilippé, if you click on the link in the first post it shows a very big (and very beautiful!) version of the photo. :yes:
  9. ooooo i like! hope you find!