Reissue for S/S 2008 - Hong Kong - Sizes

  1. Disappointingly, it appears that the HK boutiques again will only get 227 and above for the new reissues in the coming spring season. So anyone who prefers 226 or smaller sizes (I am a 226 girl), you may have to get it somewhere else...!
  2. I was told the same thing last week. But thrilled on my end though bc I love the 227 and 228s!!
  3. 227 and 228 are perfect sizes- I can't wait until these new reissues come out!
  4. If anyone has seen the new reissues already? What colors will be available in HK? TIA
  5. ooohhh i finally will get my hand on 228 :yahoo: anyone know when it will be available?? I'll be in hong kong this new yearr
  6. Yeah, I really want to know what will be the color for the spring 2.55 reissue! I have a 226 and think it is a perfect size. However, it will be nice to add a 227 to my collection! :nuts:
  7. yes, whichh colors will be released first? thanks