Reissue experts - chain and leather

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  1. Is there a big difference between SS '08 chains and previous years'? I thought I'd read before that the chains from older bags had a tendency to kink up a lot...and I also thought I'd read somewhere that this year's chain was a little different. I'm still noticing kinks happening on my first day out and they started to bug me :cursing:

    Oh and I'm just are you finding the durability of this leather compared to seasons past? I am just terrified of scratches from my fingernails, bumping up against walls/doors, etc...I'm obviously new to reissues so if this is a way of life for the CHANEL reissue gal, then I have some adjusting to do :p
  2. The 08 chain is composed of thicker metal parts, I saw a comparison (maybe in the reference library)
  3. sw0pp, do you have an older reissue? If so, how do you find the chain on your new bag compared to the older ones?
  4. I only have the 08 one. I believe it was the tPF member Luccibag who had a comparison pic of the 08 and an older chain.
  5. thanks! I'll go over and look.
  6. i have the older reissue (bordeaux) and the 08 one (navy) and i gotta say, i love the lighter/less heavyweight chain from the older reissues. for me, i never had any issues with the older chain kinking up, it was so light that whenever i picked it up, the kinks would slide into place and "unkink" themselves so to speak. but for the 08 chain, it's definitely been an issue for me, i've had to struggle to unkink them (the chains feeling heavier and thicker, hence it's been more difficult to handle, imo) and a simple shake just doesn't help in unkinking them (as compared to the old chain).

    i hope this helps some, imo, i really prefer the older version, but the colours on the 08 reissues are so pretty, i'll readily bear with the kink-ing chains. :p
  7. thanks for your input, zerodross! I do not have any older reissues to compare, obviously. But I feel like the chains on the '08 reissue are actually quite light and wonder if that's why they kink so much.