Reissue distressed lambskin question...

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  1. Hello,

    I am very new to Chanel bags. Currently I own two flaps, CF in black caviar m/l GH, and Reissue 226 in metallic dark grey.
    I am thinking of adding one more Reissue to my small collection, that is in black distressed lambskin.
    I understand that Chanel lambskin is very delicate leather and hard to care. But how about "distressed lambskin"?? I was thinking if the lambskin leather already have distressed look, do I still have to be super careful and worried about it for daily use??

    I really need your expert opinion!! TIA:smile:
  2. anyone?:cry:
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    Last edited: May 11, 2016
    Classic Reissues are aged calf (which is quite durable). I have never seen an aged lamb version, but they do come in different leathers as seasonal pieces, so it's possible an aged lamb Reissue was released (I'm no expert), but I've never seen it so can't comment on aged lamb. FWIW, I do have a "weathered lamb" Chanel tote that is super durable, but guessing that is different than aged lamb.
  4. Thank you for your reply FunBagz!!
    I found a preloved distressed lambskin Reissue in a very good condition, hoping I can get it for everyday use, but I guess I need to research more about the leather.
    Thanks again!!
  5. I have a distressed lambskin reissue card case and love it! Now, I want everything in the distressed look. It takes the fear out of scratching it up :smile:.
  6. Good to hear that!!
    How long have you been using ur card case? Do you still baby it?
  7. I have had it about a month and no I do not baby it at all. That would just add extra unnecessary stress to my life 😃 It is thrown in my Givenchy bag right now. The bag is so big that things just move around whenever I pick it up.

    When I have it in my Chanel Jumbo, it sits in place. The leather is so amazing and again it is already distressed so if there is a scratch, I probably wouldn't be able to see it.

    I am thinking about getting another key case in the same material if they have it.

    Every night when I come home, I find myself taking the card case out and holding it in my hand. Well, at least this week because I have a little cold and I come home and rest after work.

    I say go for it.
  8. No babying at all? That's amazing. I've heard nothing but scary lambskin story on TPF since my lambskin research started.
    If a lambskin is treated like distressed or washed, it may not be too bad...?
    I am still debating, but definitely tempting after you told me about your card case :smile:
  9. babying here. Just enjoying lugging it around and taking it out go my bag to rub on it about every hour or so.