reissue dark gold 07, jumbo patent BLUSH, Red hybrid? Anybody seen this?

  1. Ladies, here are my dream bags, please if anybody knows where to get this or anybody seen this on eBay or any way heard of this available, please please PM me anytime.

    the reissue is dark gold matte color and silver chain i think (photo belong to smoothporter), i would love it in 225 or 226 size.

    the red hybrid (photo from eBay) i dont know the sizes, but i would love to have the one bigger than this photo (about the same size with 226 or 227 reissue)

    and the blush patent jumbo (photo belong to clk) i would die and go to heaven with this bag if i manage to find it =)

    thx u ladies, if you find it consignment shop anywhere in the world etc please still tell me.

    there bags has been haunting me in my dreams for ages.

    anybody knows whether the ss08 gonna have the jumbo in patent? and colors that available?

    awaiting for any pm or any info =) thx u, wonderful karmas for you lovely ladies.
  2. My SA has a gold reissue still on hold for me that I'm not taking. her name is Delyse, her number is 248-808-0712. She works at Saks. Tell her it's the bag she's holding for April.
    01-20-08_1520[1] (2).jpg
  3. i've been hunting for the blush patent jumbo too!!! TDF HG bag! and i'm also looking for the grey reissue 226... anyone??

  4. Hi, thx april, but i think the gold that i want and the gold that u have on hold is not the same. I want the matte one not mettalic. Thank you anyway for your kind offer =)
  5. ladydeluxe: haha, i used to crave for the grey reissue too, i gave up hahahah i am buying too many reissues, got the purple one and still waiting on the red one. Hope u got it, btw i saw it on ebay few times the grey reissues. Goodluck for the grey and cheerrs on the blush, i loveeee itttt