Reissue colours????

  1. Hi Ladies, I have a question about the re-issue colours. How rare are they from season to season and how often do they repeat certain colours. The reason I'm asking is I just got the inevitable call in, that the dark silver I waitlisted for is in but my DH is saying that I have splurged on too many Chanels lately (he is right!) and he says that he is sure that another dark silver reissue will rock around next season. Is he right?? Should I wait for next seasons reissues??? Can you guys with all your experience on the reissues help me because I do really want to get this bag it will be a perfect evening bag. Any advice you can give me will be much appreciated. TIA
  2. Great question I was wondering the same thing -Fran
  3. Ok Fran, now that the ??? out there I am eager to hear everyones opinions. Anyone??
  4. Where is everyone??? I need your advice ASAP pleeeaaassseee.
  5. Because the reissues have only been out since 2005 it might be hard to say when they would redo colors, sizes or styles. I missed out on the first ones and I would love to have one of the dark red or burgundy color reissues. They may never do that color again or they might have it out again next fall, who knows?? Their marketing department probably wants everyone to think that certain limited colors will never appear again and therefore increase everyone's "I gotta have it" mindset.
  6. I wouldn't bank on it. They already did it for cruise and again for fall. This may be the last we see of the dark silver.
  7. This sort of answers the question I had about the grey reissue coming out again...I heard it somewhere .....maybe that was in my dreams...wishful thinking huh???:p
  8. Thanks for your opinions guys. ITA with Pattihansen that Chanel do say that this bag is only for one season to get everyone in the "I've got to have it" mindset, they did the same thing with the coco cabas but then bought out the baby cabas the following season and some said here that they will bring the original back this fall. Anyways I called my SA and the size that they had on hold for me was 227 which is a bit too big for an evening bag, so I said I'll wait for a 226 (if it ever comes in). This gives me more time to win DH round (hehe). I was debating exchanging my brown expandable flap for the dark silver reissue but I know that although the reissue is beautiful and would make a perfect evening bag I would probably get more use out of the expandable. Does anyone know if the reissues are here to stay or do you think Chanel might stop making them after a while???