Reissue Colors

  1. I finally decided that I'm going ahead with the reissue but I can't find a color I like...

    I don't really want black or white. I love the old grey so much but its impossible to find it anymore. Anyways, besides black metallic, what else is available this season?

    Also why does the Jumbo now come in the same turnlock as the Reissue? Or is it the new reissue? The flap on the Jumbo looks abit different to me, its more curved than the old reissues.
  2. light silver & dark silver will be out again too.
  3. You may want to check eBay. They gray shows up quite a bit there.
  4. Thanks gals.
  5. and gold is available as well. I think for the gold you would have to purchase those from Bergdorf Goodmans.
  6. Thanks evychew, but I didn't really like the gold...:push: