Reissue camera bag

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  1. Does anyone know if the reissue camera bag (particularly the matte black with ghw from fall 08 will be a staple in chanel's handbag collection? I just bought my first classic flap and love it but also want the reissue camera bag. However i need to save up for it....:sad:
  2. So here's what I know (hopefully someone with more knowledge will step in as well- I am by no means an expert)
    The reissue ones appear to have been for fall only, right now the cruise line is out and is like the classic flap in appearance and has the interlocking CC closure. I believe they are in lamb and I must say are lovely- I am partial to the navy.
    There was supposed to be a line called Surpique arriving that looks kind of of like the reissue in that it had the mademoiselle closure but I don't think the leather was distressed-- this line, for now, does not appear to be coming to the US. It does seem that it is already out in Asia and is a little cheaper than the reissue camera.
    All of this being said, I think there are still several available (depending on your color/harware desires) and you probably have some time to build up for it.
    I hope this helps.
  3. serena11 is correct. I believe this bag was just for fall, however, I think there are still some avilable. I'm saving up for this bag also...or I"m waiting for my NM gift card.
  4. Thanks! I really want this bag, its on my wishlist. I think its still available in NYC coz I saw in the 57th st boutique. But I hope they won't pull this out from the stores anytime soon.
  5. Hi,

    I am new to this scene and despise those who sell imposters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    My husband bought me a Chanel camera handbag for my birthday from Saks this past weekend...and as much as I like it...It is just not what I was looking for...besides I am a shoe (H) anyway....LOL So I guess I could bring it back xxx....The tag says 2450.00 at Saks without tax ( a bit better then the 2800 they are charging at Please read our rules! Hope to help put a smile on someone's face....!!!!