Reissue Black on Black Reveal

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  1. Absolutely stunning choice and you totally rock this bag!
    Congrats on a beautiful purchase :smile:
  4. Hi, I also have the black on black reissue and have used mine quote a bit, although I'm pretty careful with my bags. For me personally, the bag has held up wonderfully! I haven't had any issues at all with it and I'm so happy I got it because the only thing holding me back was the hardware worry. Hope this helps :smile:
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  5. What a great bag and, based on what you are wearing, it really suits your style. An added bonus is that it is relatively child friendly versus standard lamb......Enjoy this!
  6. I've had my black on black Chevron reissue in the 225 size for over a month now - used it lots and and I don't baby my bags at all. There have been zero issues with the hardware (and I've been checking carefully given all the issues I've read about here). So, so far so good.
  7. Absolutely stunning bag!!!:heart:
    Does someone know if there is still a chance to get this gorgeous so black chevron reissue in Europe?
  8. This is stunning. Which leather is this? I need this in my collection, it is the most beautiful Chanel I have ever seen!
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