Reissue Black on Black Reveal

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  1. Thank you so much, gilson854!
    LOL! I feel like you can wear this with anything, Truly!! I will pair even with what dress and black sandals. YOU can totally rock it! I have another seasonal chevron with pale GHW, so I know what you mean.

    Thank you, beautiful Rami!! I just could not say no to this one!! :hugs:

    Me too! My classic reissue 226 GHW is favorite Chanel. I just could not say no to this!! It just all worked for me with the matte distressed calf, black hardware, etc. Thank you, LeeLee!! Appreciate it!
    Aww, thank you my friend!! I have missed you all and I am realizing with these sweet comments WHY!! You are the best! XXOO
  2. Thank you, HeartMyMJs!! So sweet as always!! XXOO!

    Thank you, redsnoopy!!! So sweet!

    Awe, you made my day, Freckles1! Too kind!!!! XOXOXO!!

    I know!! It's so bad! It is all so hard to resist! Thank you for the kind words!
    Thank you, love! I really appreciate it!
  3. Thank you so very much!!

    Thank you thank you!!! SO kind!

    Aww, thank you Desxtersmom!! Sweet as always!!! XOXO

    You are too kind, Ljlj!!! XOXO
  4. Thank you, my beautiful friend!! You know me well! XXOO!!!!
    Thank you, Z!!! Missed you all! The weight is similar maybe even lighter than an m/l. I love the strap length too. This is the 226 size which is in between 225 and 227. The leather is distressed calfskin. It is amazing! Holds up really well. This is the leather they use on the "classic" reissues as well. It ages nicely. You can LITERALLY throw this bag around and nothing would happen to the leather. Keep us posted!!
    BIBI!!!! Thank you!! I have missed you so much!!! You are the best, my friend!! :hugs::ghi5:

    Thank you so very much, charlie_c! Yes, you know I love the so blacks! I should get my other out too!! XXOO

    Thank you, my beautiful friend! I just love you girls! The best! Made my day!! :heart:

    Thank you, PC!!! Missed you so much! I am always around. I was just not posting as much, but geez, I will be now!! I missed all this love. LOL! I could not say NO to this one. Right up my alley!! XOXO!!! Thanks again!
  5. Ding! Ding! Ding!!
  6. Hi OP. Do you find your inner flap to be short? I'm finding that I can't fill the bag up or carry as much as I thought because I have a hard time closing the inner flap. Are all reissues like this or fo you think mine is defective? I still love the bag tho
  7. Such a pretty bag. Love how you styled it!!
  8. Such a gorgeous bag!!! Congrats, you wear it so well!! I love all the So Black bags but so afraid of hardware chipping off I don't think I can ever take the plunge on one of these!
  9. Congrats! It's a lovely chanel.
  10. This looks fantastic on you, love love love!
    I told myself I don't need more black bags, but I am tempted by this one. Enjoy your beautiful bag!
    How does the size compare to a M/L and Jumbo?
  11. Wow, what a beautiful bag. Congrats !
  12. Love it!!!!
  13. Love!
    How tall are you?

  14. Hi! Thank you, I am 5'4" and about 112 pounds.

    Thank you!!! Appreciate the love!!!

    Aww! Thank you so much!! Xxoo

    The size fits prob what a jumbo would fit, but it's in between m/l and jumbo which to me is is perfection!!! One reason I love reissues is Bc of how much it fits, under the radar, chain length, and lightweight.

    Thank you so much!!

    Thank you for the very kind words!!
    YES, I worry about chipping too!! Wish Chanel could come up with a full proof way of this not happening. I am a so black sucker!!

  15. Awe, thank you so much, JoeyLouis! Appreciate the kind words! I'm kind of basic and wear so much black and neutrals! A little

    Hi!! I think I saw and commented in your thread. I do not find in short, but I have also never buttoned ANY of my double flaps in the classics or reissue! Too much of a hassle. I feel like the double flap is more there to help keep structure. That being said, I have two kids and sometimes carry more than some, but I don't feel like I ever "fill" my flaps up. Do you have others to compare too??

    Lol! Sucker for so black...and reissue!!