Reissue Black on Black Reveal

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  1. Congratulations JE on the stunning reissue!!

    karenab: your eyes went to the boy in the corner?? Haha
  2. Omg so pretty!! I'm seriously considering getting this purse too cuz I've been craving a black on black purse and a chevron purse. This could solve both of my "problems"! Congrats congrats
  3. Yay congrats!!!! Looks good on you girl, and welcome back!!
  4. Congrats! Absolutely gorgeous.
  5. Congrats! Just love this reissue. It looks great on you! Great to see your reveals here again.
  6. so beautiful!
  7. YAAASSSS! This looks great on you. I love this bag immensely.
    I am hesitating, myself, because I do not know if my style is ¨edgy¨ or whatever enough for it. It looks so cool with outfits in black and grey and maybe a leather jacket, something Alexander McQueen-ish... I am not that cool. :smile:
    Also, I already own two chevron bags (out of my four) and feel like there is a voice in my head shouting, ¨That´s enough chevron! Back away!¨ ;)
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  8. What a stunner! It would be so hard for me to say no to this beauty. Congratulations JE!
  9. OMG I didnt think I would crave another bag after gettin the 227 black ghw but now Im obsessing over this beauty... congrats
  10. So Beautiful!! and thanks for sharing your mod shots with us. This beauty really suits your style.. rock on!

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  11. Thank you, ky_ly78!!! XXOO

    Aww, thank you, love!! Appreciate it!!
    LOL!! I know. MY SA that I have had for years just rolls her eyes. She's like where do you get this stuff!!
    Thank you my sweet friend!!! XXOO

    Thank you so very much!!!!
  12. OMG!!! Poohbag!!! So nice to hear from you! I miss you gals! I'm still lurking lol!! I have just been too tired to post lately. Glad to hear someone else is in the same boat. :cray: Thank you for the sweet comment. Big hugs!!! :hugs:
    Thank you very much, BuryMeInDior!!
    Thank you for the sweet compliment, purseperson420!

    Awww, thank you, love!! XXOO
  13. I vote YES!!! It's casual chic without veering too far from the actually classic!!
    HI LOVE!!! Thank you!! I have been on here and there, but just got too crazy to post so much!! MISSED YOU!!!!
    Thank you, thank you, EVGal!! XXOO!!

    Aww, you all are the best!! Gosh, I really missed you all!!! Hoping to stay on more. Still of course go on at night, but hoping to start posting again!! XXOO
  14. Thank you so very much, Emerson!! And yes, of course Karenab is starting at the caviar boy!!! LOL!

    Thank you so very much!!! XXOO

    Thank you, BirkinLover77!! I got a little sidetracked by a brand that start with a big fat H!! Oh so addicting!! Appreciate the kind comment! XXOO

    Thank you my love!!

    LOL! Yes! The smidge of caviar boy is where you eyes went!!
  15. Beautiful bag!!!