Reissue Black on Black Reveal

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  1. Lmao I know that feeling!
  2. Congrats - Love the look of this beauty!!!
  3. Thank you, Loves!!! XXOO!!
  4. The lightweighness of this bag is wonderful. It's not as boxy as the classic and I find it more comfortable.
  5. Thank you, CQ!!! Appreciate it!

    Hi!! This is the 226 size which is 5500.00. I don't know what the SA are calling this size now...It is in between 225 and 227

    Thank you!
    Appreciate it!! Thank you!

    Hi love!! It is the 226 size for 5500.00. I don't know what it is considered via SA now since they dropped the 226 size name. It is in the middle of 225 and 227

    Aww! Thank you!! I love that is under the radar with no CC logo. I think it is very chic. I love how it hangs. I love that it was the original design of Coco Chanel. I wish I could find the small video short on it. Understated elegance at its best!!:ghi5:
  6. I love the look! Congrats it is an amazing bag!!
  7. OMG!!! You are so funny!! :lolots: I love reissues! I think you will be screwed!!
    LOL!! +1

    Thank you, luvcoach!! XXOO

    YES!!! could not agree more!!
  8. Stunning!!! Super congrats!! :biggrin: looks amazing on you!
  9. My SA called it the 2.55 and when I asked him if it was the 226 he was kinda wishy washy like "yeah, it's kinda the 226"
  10. Gorgeous my dear! Enjoy!
  11. Gorgeous! Congratulations!!
  12. JE what a gorgeous bag and I love your mod shots! My kiddos have kept me away too but I'm glad I came back in time to see your reveal of this beauty! Enjoy in good health!
  13. So elegant!
  14. So beautiful!! Congratulations :smile:!!
  15. Gorgeous! Congrats!