Reissue bag and mademoiselle lock

  1. I normally don't carry reissue bags mainly because of the mademoiselle lock and the pain of closing it after getting things in and out of my bag. I'm basically a classic flap girl for practical reason. :love: But I love the look of the reissues and don't want them to be closet bags. :sad: I'm totally having trouble with the lock. The lock keeps tilting inward when trying to close....this could be due to the soft leather not providing enough support. As a result, there is a scratch mark on the outer hardware. I know scratches will bound to happen, but if I keep this up, the scratches will get worse and deeper.

    Ladies with reissues, how do you honestly battle with this lock. I have no idea. :shrugs: Do you already have scratches already?
  2. Wow, I thought it was just me! I too have trouble closing these MM locks (although on the jumbo more than on my little waistbag...) But no big scratches soo far...
  3. I searched the entire forum for an answer without any luck. I highly doubt we're the only ones.
  4. I created a scratch because I was in a hurry to close that thing. :sad:
  5. I have trouble closing mine, too. It is a pain but I still love the reissues! No scratches, thanks for the heads up! Going to be more careful now.
  6. for me, it's the same between the CC ones and the mademoiselle lock - i will always have to look down and pause for a bit to lock it. but with the reissues now, i just don't bother to even fasten the lock any more, i simply fold the flap down and presto! i've seen someone carry her light silver reissue with the inner flap buttoned down but the outer flap unlocked/unfastened.
  7. For me, the CC is a piece of cake, and I can even do it blindfolded.

    I don't think I can do without fastening it. One time I left my purse open while paying for my grocery at the checkout line and wasn't paying attention, someone took my palm pilot out. I didn't realize it was missing until I got home. Fortunately, my wallet was in my hands.
  8. I haven't carried mine yet, just got the two girls so can't say. I'm sure it'll be some problem but I love the look of the reissue. BP, let you know after I wrangle with it for a bit. Thanks for starting this thread. As I always say.........What price beauty?! It extends to the bags as well.:tender:
  9. /\ Yes, I agree, I could not just leave her open. I'd be worried about the security of doing that.
  10. :smile:
  11. I have 3 bags with the MM lock. 2 of them have scratches on them. (Both purchased pre-loved, 1 is an 07 DS reissue and the other is a black lambskin slouchy double flap- so there are TWO MM locks on the outside of the bag!-The newest one, a purple reissue, hasn't really had a true spin out of the house!)

    I just think that with MM locks, scratches are going to happen sooner or later. I don't really think that it's that big of a deal. I take care of my babies, but maybe I'm just not anal enough when it comes to that. Though my DF picked up my black lambskin jumbo quite harshly by grabbing and squeezing the top part of the closed bag and I almost had a heart attack and let out a very loud cringe/gasp/squeal which caused him to drop the bag on the car seat. :lol:

    The MM locks ARE a pain in the neck to close, but I'm not willing to pass up a beautiful bag just because of it, and I'm not willing to cry over a scratched lock. It will happen, I think it just proves my bags are loved and that I use them!
  12. Well, maybe because it was my first outing with the silver bag and there's my scratch already from the turnknob.....and of course it was my own doing because I was struggling with the lock and in the end forced it to lock. :sad:
  13. Ok, I'm totally over the problem.

    But, more importantly, how do you ladies close it effortlessly? I can't even line up the rectangle with ease. It's a total challenge for me. And "NO", I'm not going to leave me bag open after that one fiasco.
  14. My answer: I DON'T close it effortlessly, I always close it with a lot of effort! I can't line up the rectangle to save my life most times. Once I leave the house, I try to get into it as little as possible, and when I do have to get into it, I just make sure the bag is resting on something where I can balance it and just tinker with it until it's closed. Really does seem unladylike to be fussing with getting your purse closed though. :rolleyes:

    And the first scratch is always the hardest. After that you probably won't care as much. This must be the case because the preloved bags that already had scratched locks never bothered me, but I will probably cringe a little when I see the first scratch on the purple reissue. Oh well.
  15. Thanks Bullet! So effortful, so it be. Looks like my reissues are definitely closet bags unless I carry my wallet, cell phone or whatever I need for an outing inside my pant pockets. :p