reissue - are the light silver and light cold too bright/blingy?

  1. i have found one of each, but i'd prefer the dark gold (a bit more muted) - are the light colors too flashy?
  2. I think if you dressed down when wearing the bags (not to much jewlery on, etc), they would not be too flashy. However, myself, I prefer the classic colors.
  3. Personally I think they're too flashy. The reissue is such a classic bag, I just don't think the metallic finishes look appropriate for this bag.
  4. too blingy for it to be Chanel. it reminds me of those awful new LV - the miroir line. so gaudy!
  5. thanks - so i just found a "dark silver" at the boutique in bal harbour - should i go for it?
  6. ^^^^

    If you love it, yes!!
  7. The dark silver is really nice IRL. Kind of a pewter color, if I remember correctly. It's my favorite of all the new metallics, probably because it's a lot more subtle.
  8. I'm obsessing about the dark silver......Of course, I waited too long and now there are no dark silver 228 jumbo's to be found :sad: .

    So yes, go for it!
  9. I actually saw both the silver and gold at Neimans in atlanta while christmas shopping not too long em'
    However, if i was buying one for me i'd definitely go with the darker gold, or bronzy one i guess you could call it....very classy and you dont risk it being "too blingy"...imo
  10. the light gold and silver are very blingy IMO. the dark ones are very very nice.
  11. Go for the darker one.
  12. Does anyone have a picture of a light silver?