Reissue and Caviar Flap Pricing?

  1. Anyone have any estimates for the sizes of these? :huh:
  2. Um I don't, but try searching the forum. I know it's been talked about before. Let me see if I can find it.
  3. thank you:yes: they are slightly more than i thought!

    anyone got any idea about caviar?:heart:
  4. I have a large and it was 1495. The jumbo is 1595 and I believe the medium would be 1395.
  5. Can someone please post a picture of an reissue?
  6. Really? My medium caviar classic flap was $1475. I got it about a month and a half ago.. was there a price hike??:wtf:
  7. thank you very much, elongreach, so nice of you! :heart: this is good news for meee! maybe first chanel at the end of summer?! hopefully!! :yes: :graucho:
  8. The SA in Australia told me the prices are going to go up soon.
  9. ooo, know how much?
    i didn't know chanel did price hikes..hmm!:huh:
  10. People have interchanged the Medium Classic Flap size with calling it the Large (it's one in the same).

    ^It measures: 10" x 6" x 3"

    *The Classic Flap comes in 3 sizes:
    Small - 9" x 5.5" x 2.5"
    Med. - 10" x 6" x 3"
    Jumbo - 12" x 8" x 3.5"

    The Reissue sizes:
    A302224 "Baby" ?
    A302225 Medium 9.75" x 7.06" x 2.16"
    A302226 Large 11" x 8" x 2.5"
    A302227 A4 - size 12.25" x 9.18" x 2.5"

    * I've posted these measurements before* HTH

  11. oooo! veryvery helpful! thank you! i'm such a noob at chanel :P
    but it all makes sense now :roflmfao:

  12. You are welcome aribobarixxx. I edited above for the Reissues sizes (Post #12) to be included as well. It took me longer to type than I thought. :Push:
  13. The jumbo caviar is 1695. I got one in Jan at NM.