Reissue accessories

  1. Beautiful... (pic from

  2. they're gorgeous!
  3. I want the phone case and the card case. Has anyone seen them???
  4. I LOVE the wallet. Does anyone know how much it is?
  5. I saw some of them in real last month in Paris. Some were nice because they were in vintage leather with exactly the same lock as the reissue (that you have to turn). I am thinking for instance of a wallet (medium size) but it was so expensive: 545 euros!!! The good thing though is that as it's vintage leather, it's less fragile than lambskin.

    There were some other reissue accessories which I didn't like because the leather wasn't nice (too shiny and didn't look like leather) and the lock was a fake lock because you couldn't turn it, you had to press it. Don't know if my explanation is clear enough, sorry for my poor English:sad:

    Of course in the picture they all look very nice...
  6. Thank you for your post. I know what you mean about pictures - everything looks amazing and then when you see the item in person, somethimes it's very disappointing :sad:.
  7. omg .... what are the prices! Anyone know?
  8. I have seen the black wallet in Hong kong Chanel, it's gorgeous, I had it in my hand for a while, the price HKD6000, around USD770, I just couldn't...
  9. Is the black wallet metallic?
  10. No, the one I saw was exactly like the black leather reissue. distressed calfskin.
  11. IceEarl, according to the price, we probably tried the same.
    Molls, the one I was talking about was not shiny (it was black) but it was not the one on the picture. We can clearly see on the picture that the black one is a fake lock (contrarily to the phone/ipod case or the CC holder)

  12. Yeap, probably the same wallet ;).
  13. Thanks babylovermica and IceEarl. I know there's a picture in this forum of a gold??? (well, it was something shiny :smile:) re-issue wallet and it was just gorgeous. I'm trying to find it but I can't :sad:.
  14. i want the wallet on a chain!
  15. ohh the wallet is very pretty.