Reissue 227 vs Jumbo Classic

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  1. Ok, dilemma. Not a classics person, but I love the Jumbo classic and I love the reissue. BUT can the Reissue be worn messenger style? This is what is keeping me from making my decision. Is the chain on the 227 long enough to wear across the body without looking like its too short? Or should I just get the jumbo classic? I have til monday or the reissue goes back on the shelf....
  2. are the jumbo and reissue 227 the same size?
  3. Yes the reissue can be worn messenger style:yes:
  4. I have the reissue 227, ít can be worn messenger style with single chain, but i don't think I will do it as it sits on top of my hips..

    I tried the black caviar Jumbo yesterday at the local Chanel, I wore it messenger style and the purse drop slightly too low, the Chain is much longer than the reissue, but i think you can tie a ribbon inside the bag to shorten the chain a bit if you want..

    I am soo in love with the Jumbo, just called to reserve the bag..
  5. ^^^ please can you let me know which one can hold more? Reissue 227 or your new jumbo flap?

  6. Hmm...I have no idea yet, as I haven't gotten my Jumbo... maybe some other members can help :smile:
  7. the jumbo holds slightly more, because it is a bit larger than a 227 reissue width-wise! it doesn't have that annoying double flap as well, which frees up even more space too.
  8. ^^^ thanks for the info. i hope to try both on before the price increase. I need one but the reissue maybe a little bit more hard to find. anyway good things come to thouse who waited.
  9. I have the 277 I am 5'6 and you can wear it across the body but it hits at a very strange place Sorry the jumbo you can 100% do it :smile:
  10. I like how the reissue looks messenger style better than the jumbo. The jumbo sits way too low. Although I prefer the 226 reissue for messenger. 227 is wider and looks a bit awkward messenger style. I think jumbo and 227 hold about the same. The reissue is softer and holds a lot more than you'd think.
  11. The reissue has more 'compartments' I find I can have my things more organised in it...I haven't started using my Jumbo yet, there's not as many compartments as the reissue, just a zipped pocket and a thin open top pocket, I think I will need to use my own little pouch for neccesities...
  12. I think the Jumbo definitely holds more than the large reissue. I didn't actually measure it, but I think the chain could be longer on the classic.

    I can wear my reissue as a messenger.
  13. My cousin just found a 227 and 228 reissue in UK and i'm now thinking which to get as i do not have to time to go to the stores or i'll be able to make my mind up straight away.

    thanks so much for the inputs. very much appreciated.