reissue 227 owners

  1. do you use your reissue 227 as a everyday bag or evening bag? thanks-
  2. I owned an reissue 227 bag for 16 hours before I exchanged it for a 226. 227 seemed a tad big for the evening and my frame (I am 5'4" 115 pounds). I use the 226 for both day and night and love it!
  3. I own a 227 band I love it because I carry a lot. I am 5'10" though so I think it looks appropriate. I have the 226 too and that seems more like an evening bag for me.
  4. I have a gray 226 and a black 227.
    The 227 is my daytime bag and the 226 is my evening bag.
    I am 5'2 and don't find the 227 too big at all, the size is great for all the junk I lug around.
  5. I dont think its an "evening bag" in particular, but I think it could work as a day to evening bag just fine. Its not a tiny bag but its not clunky at all and is rather graceful.
  6. Thanks Gal. My friends tell me that it's for older women. I am in my mid 30's. It should be OK, right?
  7. How much does the smaller (evening bag size) one cost?
  8. 1995
  9. I use the 266 as an everyday bag
  10. Is the leather fragile like lambskin? I know that the caviar is very durable...and was looking for something that I didn't have to worry about...
  11. :lol: tell her "oh please!!!"
    Mischa Barton, Ashley and MK Olsen, Rachel Bilson and Lindsay Lohan are CONSTANTLY photographed wearing these bags and these girls are 21+.
    Chanel is NOT for older women only!:jammin:
  12. I sorta understand what your friends were saying about the 227 though... I'm 32 (just turned) and bought a 227 in black with silver hardware. But I wasn't quite sure if it was for me after I bought it. I held off on using it, I sorta felt like I wasn't quite "there" yet to use the bag--like I needed to be older or more like one of those ladies that lunch. But I just started using it and I'm loving it!

    It does have that subtle classic look that I know I'll appreciate for years to come. It's definitely a bag that you can "grow into" instead of growing out of :P Hope that helps!
  13. I love my 227. It is a certain look you have to love and be in the mood for.:heart:
  14. being looking at the 227 forever. sometimes I like it and sometimes I don't. it's such an elegant bag. I can see myself using it for years too. thanks wickedassin.

    you are right, star3777, you have to be in the mood for it.

  15. sorry to bump this up, was wanting to know the answer to this question too!! i want to use the 226 as an everyday bag, but am worried about the durability (especially since it will be in a lighter colour).