Reissue 227 - Metallic Black or Caviar

  1. Hi, I'm thinking of buying the reissue 227 on eBay. There's one in metallic black another in caviar. I have not seen the cavair IRL, although i like it very much. I have seen the metallic and its beautiful. Should i go for caviar or metallic?


  2. Annieg, the second picture that you have there, I don't think that's a reissue. It looks like that's the hybrid - distressed caviar with MM lock and bijoux chain.
    Between the two, I would want both - hm, I am no help :p I have a reissue and a hybrid, and love them both :heart::heart::heart:
  3. i vote for reissue. love the chain!!!
  4. I have the Black Metallic 227 and LOVE:heart: it so I'm a little biased! The other one is gorgeous, too though..Either way you can't go wrong!
  5. I think the metallic black is growing on me. But between the metallic black and a dark silver, which would you girls pick??
  6. I love both of them. 227 is my favourite size. The MB is really cool for autumn and winter, it has a shiny surface. The caviar has a matte surface, it matches with any color as its not too "black". The leather has a special treatment, it has character. I also like the modern chain on it. hm..........It's a tough decision......Sorry , I am no help.:heart: