Reissue 227/Classic Flap Jumbo...Chain length?

  1. Is the chain drop on the Classic Flap (jumbo) the same as the drop on the Reissue 227?? I know they're almost the same size....Was wondering if the chain is the same drop length as well? Anyone know?

  2. I'm curious about this as well.

    I should have thought to ask this when I was on the phone to Chanel earlier today. I'll ask next week when I talk to Stephanie if no one posts the answer here.
  3. Not sure about how the flap compares to the reissue but when I purchased my classic flap (jumbo) a few weeks ago, I swear I tried on 3 and 2 had different chain lengths. So the drop of the bag was different on each one. I opted for the one that dropped a little lower. My SA & I were totally bewildered by this. On top of that, the one I purchased wasn't quite as wide at the top as the other two. I guess because they are hand made their might be some slight variances.
  4. Hmm...Interesting, Thx for your input!!:yes: