Reissue 226 or 227 - Help Please!

  1. Hi

    I am on the waitlist for a 226 and 227 dark silver metallic 2.55 bag. I am second on the list for a 227 and 12th for a 226. I have not seen either IRL.

    I mostly want this bag for evening use (i think). I have had in my mind that i really want a 226. So do i just get the 227 because i know i can or pass on the 227 and hope and wait for a 226.

    Is the 227 like a jumbo? Is it too big for evening? I am only 5"3

    Hope someone can help me decide as i need to let SA know ASAP of my decision.

  2. If you plan on using it mainly for the evening, I would pick the 226;) The 227 is too large for an evening bag.
  3. 227 is too big for an evening bag. more of a day bag. go with 226.
  4. 227 is definately too big for evenings, maybe you should also put yourself on the list for 225. Nightshade and I just bought 225, maybe you can check out our threads for pictures.
  5. 226 will suit your needs better.
  6. Thx ladies...i think that the 226 is right for me.
  7. heh yep i have to agree, the 227 is way too big for an evening bag. the 226's the way to go!
  8. Since your so petite, i'd say even a 225!
  9. 226 can be both used as an evening and morning.. So go with the 226! (But I love the 227! :biggrin:)
  10. get 226. I think that's what you are looking for.
  11. 226 for petites. If you have alot of things to put in your bag then i guess 227, but I dont really fancy the lenght of the chain of 227.
  12. 226 is definitely a day to evening bag... but if you're gona use it as more of a day bag then I suggest 227... I use my 05 227 white reissue everyday... well almost... good luck on your decision! i dont think you can go wrong with either size really..
  13. Thx ladies for your replies.

    I have decided to go for the 226 as it is more versatile for my needs and i found out today that it is reserved for me so it is a definite...Woohoo!!!:yahoo:
  14. Would go for a 226 :smile:
  15. I am pondering my first Chanel purchase - a reissue flap in either 226 or 227 size. My SA is recommending 227 as a great first bag. I am 5'2" 115 lbs. Any recommendations from you seasoned Chanel gals? TIA!