Reissue 226 in Dark Red Suede - What do you think?

  1. What do you think about the suede flap? We were out shopping around today and my girlfriend pointed it out right away. At first I didn't really have any taste for it. HOWEVER, after the SA got the bag out and my gf had it on .... I totally changed my mind. It is a dark red 226 or 227 and looks really stunning. I was thinking it would be more delicate like the shearling bags, but the suede seems to be pretty "tight" and would be durable. SO, at this point, the bag is on hold and we'll be going back to pick it up tomorrow :nuts: PLUS, the price is a lot lower than the metallic and leather flaps.

    Anyone own a suede flap before? What has your experience been?

    p.s. I looked online for a pic unsuccessfully.
  2. Is this the one? If so, I think it's GORGEOUS!!!!
  3. how much lower in price is a lot???

    I usually like to limit suede bags in my collection but if it's the one pictured above it's lovely! I just always feel I can't use suede in the spring and summer and I generally like be able to use a flap that I invest a lot of $$ in year round.
  4. i am curious, which collection this red reissue suede from? i think if you like it, just buy it, you wont ever go wrong with a red chanel bag =)
  5. Love the red color but NOT the suede:s
  6. ^me too! ~ :love: the colour ~ too much work :sweatdrop:
  7. how much is it exactly, then? looks lovely!
  8. i think it's nice if you're a person who really loves red, and if the price is much lower than the other reissues, that's a definite plus. that said, suede always makes me nervous in terms of being high-maintenance and showing wear more so than leather.
  9. ^ ITA totally!!!! I absolutely ADMIRE suede bags but will not purchase can't baby it enough!!!:flowers:
  10. YESSSS, That is it! You are too good!

    I soooo love that shade of red. We have a micro fiber couch in a similar color and it goes perfect with the brown leather couches and velvet curtains.
  11. Around $2400 for size 226
  12. LOVE it!! It looked so elegant on Katie!