Reissue 226 black / Reissue 226 metallic black?

  1. I need advice from the chanel lovers here in tPF.

    I've put my name down for a metallic black reissue and the SA just told me she got a 226 black available. I asked her whether it's a metallic black and she replied me that "it is $2350, and is not completely metallic black. It has the "wet look", where certain parts of it look like it's shiny".

    I've tried to ask her to take a photo of the bag but unfortunately, she told me the camera in her shop is not working...

    So would any of you know whether there's another black colour apart from the metallic black for this season's reissues?

    Many thanks!
  2. Sounds like the black metallic to me... unbelievable that the SA doesn't know which bag she is selling you, though! Ask her if the hardware is antiqued silver... if it is, the bag is most likely black metallic. I believe the standard black reissue has gold hardware.
  3. What is up with SA's having no clue as to what they are trying to sell? :confused1: Definitely sounds like the metallic black reissue... the price on mine is the same. :smile: The so-called "wet look" the SA is referring to is the distressed metallic leather, and it's gorgeous! :heart:
  4. Thanks gwen10 and fieryfashionist for your info. I've asked her whether it's the silver or gold hardware, and she said she believe it's in silver hardware...anyway, i've sent her photos which i found here for her to confirm. I hope it's the metallic black, I just love that colour!!!

    but upon second thought, I've already got the dark silver reissue, so should i get another metallic colour reissue or should i get a standard black one or a black classic flap? :confused1:
  5. I love the metallic black!! Go for it if that's what she has.
  6. yep, metallic black has the "wet look." the first time i saw it at the trunk show, i thought to myself "this bag looks like someone threw tar at it..." :rolleyes: it's cool though. i'm thinking about getting one too. it's been on my mind for the past...2 weeks.
  7. Haha... the first time I saw it I thought of preserved black plums/dates....
  8. You can ask her if the chanel tag says 07A A30226Y04636. Color code 94305. That is the code for the black metallic reissue in the 226 size. This # should be on the tag and the label on the box.
  9. Thanks for all your info.:tup: I'll check again with the SA.
  10. Sounds like metallic black, that's what I got, it looks wet!
  11. I got one too. Totally love it! Funny your SA doesn't know what it is. But she should have no problem check the sku# for you. Good luck!