reissue 225

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  1. Looking for a black reissue 225 in distressed leather with ruthenium HW or any other HW except gold (not gold person). Called many Saks stores, in vain. Anyone have any suggestions?
  2. I saw this in Penny's email (at Hirshleifer's):

    Chanel - “Sneak Peak” –Spring 2011 Handbags
    Starts Shipping – Jan 1st

    225 size - $3400 - we ordered:

    Lamb with silver hw in blk with burgundy

    It's not distressed's lamb and won't shipped until later on but might be worth the try... i know size 225 is not in production for a while now.

    Try email her at Good luck! ;)
  3. thanks so much! I think I was able to snag one, which is coming later this week. Hope to be able to report back when it arrives that I was successful in finding exactly what I wanted.