Reissue 225 or Chanel medium flap?

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  1. If you love Chanel, you will probably end up with both, like many of us here. I use my 2.55 reissues more often because they are so carefree but the classic flap is also very pretty with the puffy quilts. That is why I have both. Hehee.
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  2. Seeing your pics is making me really want a 225!!! Love
  3. Just came from Paris with my new Reissue 225 and I am soooo happy about that.
    This summer I bought A beautiful M/L flap. I liked it a lot but... in the end I think that I bought it mostly because it was a "classic flap" and kind of "must have". I really liked the bag but it wasn't my style. So I sold the bag and went to Paris to buy smth instead. The Reissue was a perfect match. No regrets at all. It is so easy to wear and style it
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  4. Photos from Rue Cambon store. I am 5.7
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  5. And wearing my parka
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
  6. Sajonara I have to agree about the classic flap. I'm still 100% glad I purchased classic first - a single flap jumbo. I currently own qty. 2 reissues and I like them b/c they are understated. With that said, I wouldn't mind getting a mini quilted for my collection.
  7. Omg I love that reissue on you! Do you happen to know what type of leather the bag is made from? I’m not a fan of the aged calfskin