Reissue 225 or Chanel medium flap?

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  1. Hey guys,

    I need some help choosing my next bag! I am considering the Reissue 225 or Chanel medium flap but cannot make up my mind. I love the reissue because it can go cross body (I think?), long strap and double. The medium flap I feel like I can only wear it single chained (double looks weird on me) but at the same time I love lamb leather.

    Which would you recommend?
  2. I have both but the reissue 225 will always be a winner for me! Yes, it can be worn crossbody. The classic aged calf is very supple and feels very luxurious as well.
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  3. Do you have any modelling pics? There are so many on the 226 but there aren't many with the 225!
  4. I have both and the 225 is hands down my favorite. It's lighter, holds more and I personally find the strap more comfortable. My classic flap has rarely been used since I got my reissue,
  5. IMG_1481257482.528701.jpg
    I honestly can't decide which one I like better, the classic flap is a must have, the Reissue is subtle and more versatile.

    I guess I would still choose the classic flap over the Reissue, especially the m/l size, there's just nothing about the bag that I don't like. I even prefer the strap length, classic flaps are not meant to be wore as crossbody, shoulder bags are more elegant IMO.
  6. I hardly ever wear my M/L flap anymore because of the strap and not being able to wear it crossbody. It looks a bit conservative to me these days. Right now I'm on the Reissue train as I just purchased a 224 :smile:
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  7. Nanciii, I am in love with your chevron reissue!! What season was that? Also, do you find that you can fit the same in the classic flap as in the reissue?
  8. Thank you for your thought!! I absolutely love that chevron!
  9. Do you know if the strap on the 224, 225, and 226 are all the same?... and congrats on your new bag!!
  10. They aren't actually. My 224 has a 21" chain which is good for crossbody and I believe the 226 has a 19" chain.
  11. Thank you! I just purchased it last month, I started to see similar styles since June this year.

    The m/l can actually fit more, cos it's a tiny bit longer than the 225. I prefer to keep the bottom of the Reissue curved and the bag flat like the original design, so the room is smaller.
  12. Here's some mod shots of the reissue 225 crossbody on me and one pic of the ml cf worn on shoulder. I'm 5'1 for reference. Hth :smile:



  13. I love my classic flap and I wear it crossbody sometimes as well!
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  14. IMG_0526.JPG IMG_0455.JPG
    My 255 modeling shots if they're helpful hehe I'm also 5'1. Anyways, I vote for reissue! I don't have the classic flap but I much prefer the look of the reissue nowadays. I just love the history of it and how understated it is! I live in a city where I see classic flaps literally everywhere so my reissue feels more special:heart: